April STAR of the Month

April STAR of the Month

Messiah has been a part of West Blvd Ministry for three years. Over his years with the program he has grown into one of our leaders, receiving the weekly MVP on numerous occasions and has been involved in the Reading Stars program as well. He is a wonderful young man whose smile lights up any room he walks into. What he loves the most about WBM is the Reading Stars program on Monday nights because it helps him with his reading skills. He also loves the coaches who encourage him to do his best every day as well as remind him to read his bible daily for 5 minutes. His favorite bible verse is Genesis 9:13 because it means God promised that He won’t flood the earth again, no more destruction.

Messiah has three values that are important to him.First one being honesty, because one way or another the truth will come back in a good way or bad way, so might as well always tell the truth. Secondly, accountability is important to him because if he does something wrong and doesn’t take accountability for it, then someone else could get blamed for something they didn’t do. Lastly, courage because he likes trying new things.. He expresses his gratitude by always saying “thank you” and praying daily.

Messiah remembers a time when he helped his friend Branson after he fell and bumped his head. It made him happy to be able to help because that is his best friend and he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him. Being a part of WMB had impacted Messiah a lot because the coaches gave him a bible. Before the program, he didn’t read the bible but now he does and it teaches him important things in life.

On the school side, Messiah enjoys science because he likes to create things as well as animals. His love for animals has extended to him wanting to be a zoologist when he gets older. He loves the animals he has at home, which include, a bearded dragon and three leopard geckos. Messiah faced a challenge at school when he only had five minutes to finish seven problems. He did not want to get a zero on those questions so he focused and was determined to finish. When Messiah is not at school or at WBM, he is playing his Nintendo with his family or watching t.v. His favorite thing to do with them is going out to eat or to Carowinds. He is one of 6 siblings who support each other by making sure they pass on what they know to their younger siblings.

Messiah has big goals for his future. Short term, he wants to get A honor roll in his time at school. However, long term, he wants to get a masters degree in science to help him pursue his goal of becoming a zoologist. This young man was asked what he saw when he looked in the mirror and his response was “a smart young man that grows everyday!” and we couldn’t agree more. We are so proud of Messiah and blessed to be a part of his journey.

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