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Baptism Celebration: A Sacred Journey

Absolutely INCREDIBLE morning at Moments Of Hope Church. West Blvd Ministry had 12 young men, 2 Coaches along with…

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Empowering Lives,

Inspiring Hope

WBM is the heartbeat of growth and change in the West Blvd corridor, where we unite the community with essential resources and transformative opportunities.

Our mission at WBM is to serve the spiritual and physical needs of families and communities within the West Blvd corridor to the glory of Jesus Christ.

Discover Our Why
West Blvd Ministry’s forever grateful for the friendship and support from the Moments of Hope Church Family. Today, we received the Hope Gift that will used to further the gospel throughout the West Blvd corridor of Charlotte.
WBM Star of the month Branson Walker.
Start of something new on Wednesday nights. #ministars

Hope Through Darkness

The youth in this Charlotte community experience particularly high rates of gun violence, drug use, and school dropout.  We offer an alternate path using biblical principles that provide the tools to live an abundant, full life.

Juvenile Arrests in 2023 in the West Blvd Corridor



Of kids live in single-parent homes

Unlocking Potential

Fostering Unity

The intersection of Title I schools, income inequality, and a prevalence of single-family homes underscores the complex socio-economic landscape of the West Blvd Corridor.  Despite these hurdles, our targeted programs actively work towards breaking down barriers to bring about lasting positive change and uplift this Charlotte neighborhood.

West Boulevard Corridor

Connecting the Community

In 2012, Bart Noonan underwent a transformation through God’s calling and power by redirecting his path to include serving others. Bart and West Blvd Ministry strive to revitalize the West Boulevard’s families and neighborhoods by connecting them with resources in this under-served community of Charlotte.

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